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     I got back some teaser shots from the wonderful Casey Grant. (...

I must say that I have never been a fan of organic plugs. I have always tried to stick with...

I just wanted to post to say that The most metal Dancer competition has to be one of the...

Crazy Beautiful Life

Life has been so insane. I just got back from a two week trip to the East Coast which included Baltimore, NYC, and Long Island. I was lucky enough to meet up with Inked Magazine while I was out and shoot then we planned for another shoot at the end of the month. I'm so excited. I'll be with fellow diamond dolls and friends. I was also at the United Ink show (which i am a tour model for) and helped welcome in the newest Inked Angel, Reagan!!  I put up a few new photo galleries for you all to look at!!! I apologize for my lack of blogging!

UNITED INK TOUR sept 6-8th

So went and did the United Ink Tour and it was off the Hook! so many amazing artists!! I got to interview my good friend Heather Moss for Rebel ink magazine. It was live so I'm sad to say you can't see it anywhere :( BUT I was a great time! I also shot with Rebel Ink (should be out in November). We added a new Inked Angel to our team( Mrs Justine Balbas-Garcia) and many more runner up ladies!! Our family is growing at an amazing rate! Shawn O'Hare treated me to a trip around NYC as well. Such a fun city!!!  My brain is going a million miles an hour...BUT!!!


     I got back some teaser shots from the wonderful Casey Grant. ( ) I added a gallery with some of the pics I've gotten back! enjoy guys!!! There will be more soon :D

Crazy Busy past two days!

So yesterday I got around and left my house at 11am to head to Olympia WA to shoot with Casey Grant. I had Toxic Suicide and Devon DeVille with me on this adventure. It was so much fun. On  the way up we stopped at a Subway in the middle of no where to grab lunch, and we stuck out like neon lights. The girl making our food actually leaned forward and asked me where we were from. I told her Portland OR and she informed me that we were way too awesome looking to be from her neck of the woods. We got to Olympia by 2 and started to shoot.....until 11:30 at night....


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